Welcome! We are so extremely proud and grateful for you to be celebrating the ‘100,000+ patients treated’ milestone with us. This milestone is an important step towards an exciting future in proton therapy. A future that we are building together. So all IBA users, get your cameras out, pop the confetti cannon, and celebrate with us! Upload your celebration videos here, and watch your colleagues from around the world celebrate this exciting moment. Enjoy!

Click on the pins on the globe to watch IBA celebration videos of IBA customers from all over the world.



  • 0:56

    UZ Leuven

    Leuven, Belgium

  • 1:08

    Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen - UMCG

    Groningen, The Netherlands

  • The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales

    Newport, UK

  • Proton Therapy Center Czech

    Prague, Czech Republic

  • Proton Therapy Center Trento

    Trento, Italy

  • Institut Curie

    Orsay, France

  • Centre Antoine Lacassagne​

    Nice, France

  • Westdeutsches Protonentherapiezentrum Essen

    Essen, Germany

  • Skandionkliniken

    Uppsala, Sweden

  • Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus Dresden - OncoRay

    Dresden, Germany

  • Bronowice Cyclotron Center - IFJPAN

    Krakow, Poland

  • Quirónsalud Proton Therapy Center

    Madrid, Spain

  • Federal High -Technology Center for Medical Radiology of FMBA

    Dimitrovgrad, Russia

  • Cyclhad - Cyclotron for Hadron Therapy

    Caen, France

  • Rutherford Cancer Centre Thames Vally

    Reading, UK

  • European Institute of Oncology (Not treating yet)

    Milan, Italy

  • The Rutherford Cancer Centre North West (Not treating yet)

    London, UK

  • New Kutaisi International University (Not treating yet)

    Kutaisi, Georgia

  • Hospital Civil Marie Curie Charleroi (Not treating yet)

    Lodelinsart, Belgium

  • The Rutherford Cancer Centre North East

    Northumberland, UK

North America

  • Massachusetts General Hospital Burr Proton Therapy Center

    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  • Miami Cancer Institute - Baptist Health South Florida

    Miami, Florida, USA

  • The Oklahoma Proton Center

    Oklahoma City, USA

  • Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

    Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

  • University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute

    Jacksonville, USA

  • Provision Cares Proton Therapy Center - Knoxville

    Knoxville TN, USA

  • Texas Center for Proton Therapy

    Dallas TX, USA

  • Northwestern Medicine - Chicago Proton Center

    Warrenville IL, USA

  • Willis-Knighton Cancer Center

    Shreveport LA, USA

  • Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy Center

    Seattle WA, USA

  • Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute​

    Hampton VA, USA

  • ProCure Proton Therapy Center NJ

    New Jersey, USA

  • The Roberts Proton Therapy Center at Penn Medicine

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

  • Inova Mather Proton Therapy Center

    Falls Church, Virginia, USA

  • University of Kansas Hospital - UKH (Not treating yet)

    Kansas City, USA


  • 2min

    Hokkaido Ohno Memorial Hospital

    Sapporo, Japan

  • Shenzhen Tumor Hospital (Not treating yet)

    Shenzhen, China

  • Narita Memorial Proton Center

    Toyohashi, Japan

  • Wanjie Proton Therapy Center

    Wanjie Zibo, China

  • Korea National Cancer Center

    Ilsan, Korea

  • Zhuozhou Proton Therapy Center (Not treating yet)

    Zhuozhou, China

  • Apollo Proton Therapy Center

    Chennai, India

  • Taipei Cancer Center, Taipei Medical University (Not treating yet)

    Taipei, Taiwan

  • RSPAD Gatot Soebroto Presidential Hospital (Not treating yet)

    Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

  • Changhua Christian Hospitals (Not treating yet)

    Tapei, Taiwan

  • Guangdong Hen Ju Medical Technologies Co. Limited (Not treating yet)

    Guangzhou, China

  • Tata Memorial Centre (Not treating yet)

    Mumbai, India

  • Proton Partners International - Abu Dhabi (Not treating yet)

    Abu Dhabi, United Arabic Emirates

  • Beijing Proton Medical Center (Not treating yet)

    Beijing, China

  • Sichuan Cancer Hospital & Institute (Not treating yet) - kopie

    Chengdu, China

  • Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (Not treating yet)

    Singapore, Singapore


  • Children's Cancer Hospital Foundation (Not treating yet)

    Cairo, Egypt

South America

  • UBA New Technologies Cancer Treatment Center (Not treating yet)

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

Let’s celebrate this milestone!

With 36 centers treating patients in 86 rooms, IBA’s user community is unrivalled. We have come a long way from treating our first patient in 2001, to over 100,000 patients treated with IBA proton therapy in 2020. What a milestone!

We would like to thank all our clinical partners and IBA employees for your loyalty and passion that you show every day to achieve our beautiful mission to protect, enhance and save lives. Together we really have made a difference. So before we move forward into the future, with even more innovative technology and partnerships, let’s celebrate this beautiful milestone together!

Olivier Legrain, IBA Chief Executive Officer

“On behalf of the IBA board and management team I would like to thank all our clinical partners and IBA employees for your loyalty and passion that you show every day to achieve our beautiful mission to protect, enhance and save lives.”

Yves Jongen, founder of IBA and Chief Research Officer

"At the time of the treatment of the first patient I was absolutely scared. But everything went perfectly, and it was the beginning of a long sequence of patients.”

Join UZ Leuven from Belgium

in their celebratory Jerusalema Dance Challenge.

Team UMCG from The Netherlands

enjoys their well deserved Belgian chocolates.

The Team in Dimitrovgrad

celebrated this week with a truly original "cyclo cake"!