About this milestone

This autumn we have passed the important landmark of 100,000 patients treated with IBA proton therapy systems around the world. This milestone is an important step towards our common quest of making proton therapy accessible to all patients who could benefit from it. Together, we are building an exciting future, through technological innovation and leadership, on the further development of patient treatments.

‘100,000 patients treated’ would not have been possible without working closely with you over these years. We want to give you tribute for your achievements and commitment throughout this journey. The expertise of our community is unique. So let’s celebrate this milestone together!

First patient treated with IBA proton therapy

First patient receiving IBA proton therapy treatment, Boston 2001

In 2001 the first patient was treated with a PT system installed by IBA at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston (now known as the Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center). Since then, through relentless effort and commitment, IBA has installed over half of the clinically driven PT centers worldwide and has become the undisputed leader in the field. Together with our clinical partners, we will keep striving to achieve our mission to protect, enhance and save lives.

Yves Jongen, founder of IBA and Chief Research Officer

"At the time of the treatment of the first patient I was absolutely scared. But everything went perfectly, and it was the beginning of a long sequence of patients.”

Olivier Legrain, IBA Chief Executive Officer

“On behalf of the IBA board and management team I would like to thank all our clinical partners and IBA employees for your loyalty and passion that you show every day to achieve our beautiful mission to protect, enhance and save lives.”