We would love to see both celebrations and testimonials. It would be great if you could produce a celebration video, as well as a customer testimonial and/or a patient testimonial. If you have several short clips, just send them all, we will edit them into one video for you.

We are convinced that many of you have interesting information to share. The latest research, exciting and promising results, specific methodology, local influence or just a great moment in daily practice. Interview your peers and share this together.

For inspiration purposes: you might also interview a supplier or someone who works closely with you, but is not directly related to patient care, like security or cleaning.

At the end of the day we all work to optimize patient care. Many patients benefit from proton therapy and we would like to give them the opportunity to tell their story. We realize that not everybody is interested to do so, but some patients do certainly appreciate to have a platform to share their story with the world.

You can upload until 500 mb per upload. You can use the form multiple times. Do you want to upload more, just use the form multiple times.

Yes you can!

If you feel that English is the right way to get the message across, we encourage it. But don't let it be a hindrance. We will provide your video with English subtitles should the film material request it.

We’d of course prefer to see and hear your colleagues in moving images, this just adds a little more emotion to the celebration. But if you want to (or can) only take pictures, we understand. We will then put your photos in a sequence, so that it feels like a video after all.

We understand there are creative people on your team. But to give all the videos their own celebration look, we will add our own special titles and artwork for you. Believe us... we're going to make your videos even more beautiful so they will look even more festive!

This is possible. We like to share great moments, important stories and valuable information like clinical research or latest results to the rest of the world. With your information you might contribute to developing new solutions in proton therapy and making this next generation targeted cancer treatment more accessible to cancer patients worldwide. With uploading your video, you give us permission to share your video with our community. And we hope you will share your video within your community too!

The main purpose of the campaign is to celebrate and feel proud of the contribution towards cutting edge patient treatment. So we would love to see your authentic story. During the user meeting in 2021 we will of course pay attention to the productions.

Our suggestion is to contact your IBA site manager, who would be able to communicate to headquarters, if needed.

It would be great if you could share your videos as soon as possible, so we can all celebrate together!